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  Target Raincheck policy
Posted on Friday, January 16 @ 21:36:37 CST by DealRush

While not currently a hot deal, there are many times in the future where this info will probably help.

Target has a great raincheck policy for those bargain seekers. If they advertise an item in their weekly ad and do not have it, you are entitled to a raincheck for an exact or similar item at the same discount as the advertised sale item.

For example, if they advertised Max Payne 2 (PS2 and Xbox versions) for 29.99 (reg price $49.99) and were out of stock, you would be eligible to ask for a raincheck. The raincheck would then allow you to purchase the advertised game (in this case Max Payne 2) OR ANY other game on the same platform (you must specify the version when asking Customer Service for the raincheck) at the same discount (in this case 40% off the normal price) with no questions asked.

To receive a raincheck, check to see if the item is out of stock. If it is, go up to Customer Service and tell them the product you wanted is out of stock and what system the advertised item you wanted was on. A raincheck is only good for a product in the same category. An XBOX game raincheck would only work for an Xbox game, PS2 raincheck for PS2 game, etc. Once you give them the info, they will print up the form.

Once issued, the rainchecks can be used right away or up to 90 days afterwards. This also works on ALL advertised items unless noted in the ad.



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